Govea Esthetics and Massage takes the next step in skin health care by using new technology to diagnose your complexion. The Skinceuticals SkinScope LED features UV-light visibility for more accurate diagnostics of both visible and underlying skin imperfections with fluorescence technology that reveals these issues before they become bigger problems.

Take a walk on the healthier side by visiting us for your SkinScope LED diagnostics. Diagnose any potential skin damage caused by accumulated sun exposure and other factors like oily/congested pores, dehydrated areas of thinning skin and uneven texture with ease from this high-tech tool.

How does the SkinScope work?

The consultation consists of having the patient insert their head into a SkinCeuticals SkinScope machine under two different settings. A photograph is then taken in both diagnostic modes, which can help track the progress of clinical skincare and treatments over time. Your Aesthetic Consultant will then discuss your results and complete a questionnaire based on their findings that includes recommendations for you to take with you home so that we may continue improving your skin health after this visit has ended!

Skin Scope Color Guide

Diagnostic Modes

Daylight Mode:
The SkinScope's simulated Daylight Mode has the ability to show you all of your skin concerns with clarity. You can then pinpoint any rednesses, irritations or other visible problems and have them highlighted for quick access later on.

LED-UV Light Mode:
The SkinScope's LED-UV light mode provides a professional, accurate diagnosis of both the surface and sub-surface skin conditions with just one scan.

The UV light can show concerning features that are only faintly visible during the day. Healthy skin creates a blue glow but melanin absorbs this wavelength of color and becomes dark spots on your face, highlighting any flaws you may have missed before.

We can tell a lot about your skin type just by observing its fluorescence with the help of blue light. Large patches darker than bright white indicate dehydrated skin, and congested pores emit pink or orange color while oily skin is visible in yellow.